How We Work

Long-term relationships

Haydon Healy exists to build long-term relationships. We are not a typical “transactional” agency. We care about our reputation as well as yours, so it is important we get it right the first time, every time.
We don’t want to be the biggest, but we do want to be the best. We are laser-focused, utilizing our time and resources wisely. That’s why we are selective of who we work with to ensure we provide the highest quality service.
Everyone is valuable, and in our eyes the client and candidate are equal. Our ongoing relationships support top talent and leaders in the industry to achieve their career objectives, and ambitious businesses to grow and maintain high-performing teams.


Why we’re different?

Haydon Healy aims to be the best partner to meet your business needs, and that means doing things a little different.

Information rich, with a personal touch.

We don’t follow a prescribed rulebook of how many resumes to send or calls to make. We value knowledge and information combined with a genuinely personal touch over ‘data’ or meaningless KPIs. Each client and candidate have differing needs and we approach each situation accordingly.

Sharing knowledge to educate.

Hiring in a talent shortage is only half the battle. Looking like an attractive proposition to potential candidates is what wins the war. Backed up with intelligent insights and tangible advice, we educate clients on the importance of this on the market, and how to best compete effectively within it.

Relationships increase retention.

We focus heavily on building relationships with all to ensure we don’t just place candidates into roles based on skills matches, but personality and culture fit also. We do more than get the right person for the role. We secure the perfect match for both sides, ensuring no candidate is leaving anytime soon.


The industry is rapidly growing, making it difficult to hire qualified professionals. We expand our clients’ networks, helping them identify, attract, and retain talent.
Not just that, but we also provide insights into competitors' operations, attraction methods, compensation packages, career development and the list goes on.

We dig deep into employer brand and culture – why would someone work for their business? What makes them better than everyone else? How do they train and develop more junior staff? What are they doing to stay one step ahead – GREAT talent is hard to find.

We dedicate 50-60 hours a week to building a professional talent network and continuously learning the market, accessing people that reactive recruitment methods miss.
With Haydon Healy, hiring is easy. We introduce top professionals, ensure the fit is right, and the hiring process runs as smoothly as possible. Listening and communication are key to our success.



Contingent/Retained Search 

  • The contingent search model is primarily used to fill niche and hard-to-fill individual contributor roles up to mid-tier management roles, usually below the level of Director or Vice President.

  • The retained search model is best suited for organizations seeking highly specialized, confidential, or critical leaders, usually at the director and C-level levels. As part of the higher-end service, companies will work exclusively with Haydon Healy.

Team Build/Acquisition

  • By hiring whole teams from a competitor, companies can quickly gain capacity without all the headaches of a merger or acquisition.

Data & Insights 

  • Hiring managers can use data analytics to gain a better understanding of candidates' capabilities and skills and how well they fit roles and companies.


Our candidate network is the heart of our business. We have an honest and transparent approach, ensuring every individual feels comfortable, confident and satisfied throughout the process.
Haydon Healy provides you access to multiple opportunities, giving you the choice and clarity when choosing your next step.
We are here to support you throughout the entire process, from the first interview to onboarding and beyond.
Consultative, informative, connected and consistent are the words we’d use. We don’t just “fill a job”, we help and advise through the entire process from the first qualification to 6-12 months after the candidate has been hired and thereafter.